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HOW TO TRACK SOMEONE'S location? how police and Hacker will track your location?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

How To Track Someone's location?

Many people are confused about location tracking. They do not understand location tracking and the myths surrounding it. People believe that hackers can track anyone's location without touching their phones or interacting with their systems. I clear up all your doubts about location tracking in this blog, what is true and what is a myth.

Tracking anyone's location without their consent is illegal. Do not track anyone's location without their permission. If you do not take any permission, then you are responsible for it.

How Hacker Track Your Location:

A hacker tracks your location using social engineering. The main myth is that an attacker cannot track your location without a system or your interaction. There are several ways hackers can track your location, but hackers use illegal methods to do so using social engineering and humans are the most vulnerable.

Examples of how hackers track location using social engineering:

1] Hackers use some tools to track location such as IP grabber and seeker

2] Hackers send you some links and trace the location. When the victim hits that URL, attackers can steal location.

3] Hackers hack your gmail and trace your location using your mail address to register with find my phone

4] Hacker sends link via SMS, Mail, WhatsApp and other messaging service application

As humans are the most responsible for that and most vulnerable to it, they cannot review and analyze the activities, only linking them without any thought.

Another Scenario Hacker Hack Location:

Signalling System No. 7 (SS7), also called C7 or CCSS7 in the US, is a network exchange service that connects mobile phone networks as a broker. SS7 handles the back-end functions that link one network or caller to another, such as number translation, SMS transfer, and billing.

With the help of their phone number, attackers can locate a mobile phone user by triangulation of their masts, read their text messages, log, record and listen into their phone conversations simply by hacking into or otherwise gaining access to the SS7 system.

How Police Track Your Location:

The police track your location by using your IMEI number and IP address. However, it is very difficult to track your location. It isn't like they have a program to do it first. They do IMEI numbers and IP addresses and then check the ISP or the service provider for your SIM because they go to the network provider and track the location also they cannot track actual live location they only track specific areas of your location. Even if police do not have FIR, or permission they cannot be able to track a location.

Examples of how police track location using social engineering:

1] Police use IMEI numbers to track your location and check your SIM service provider. They then give the service provider the longitude and latitude coordinates of your location

2] Police use IP addresses to track locations and to check ISP service providers. They contact the service providers and give them latitude and longitude information.

3] They do not track location without FIR or Permission

Myths And Truth:

1] Hacker cannot track location without any system and user interaction

2] Police cannot track location without any FIR or permission

3] Hacker cannot track location in one click

4] Humans are the most vulnerable person. They will compromise easily

5] there is no online tool or software are available to track actual or real location.

As a result, location tracking is possible. It will depend on the hacker and police how they track location, but one thing is that it is not easy to track location using a single click or any other easy method. Also, if a police have a FIR or permission, so they can track location based on your number. They look at your SIM card and contact your service provider.

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By Abhishek Joshi


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