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Ethical Hacking Course in Nagpur

Cyberbugs provide the best Ethical hacking course in Nagpur, CyberBugs is a great opportunity for all the people in India to realize their potential as Cyber Security in India professionals. As one of the top ethical hacking training providers in nagpur, as well as in India, Cyberbugs offers real-life training along with interview-oriented soft-skill training. if you are passionate to become a ethical hacker here we at Cyberbugs offer an ethical hacking course in Nagpur. 

We provide ethical hacking training in Nagpur as well as ethical hacking course in Nagpur at a very reasonable price at Cyberbugs. We provide 100% practical training for ethical hacking. We offer live training as well as online training with lifetime access to recorded sessions.  If you are looking to learn ethical hacking then feel free to talk to us

About Our Ethical Hacking Course in Nagpur

This Ethical Hacking Training in Nagpur by CyberBugs is a great opportunity for all the people in India to realize their potential as Cyber Security in India professionals. As one of the top ethical hacking training providers in Nagpur, as well as India, Cyberbugs offers real-life training along with interview-oriented soft-skill training. Becoming an Ethical Hacker with cyberbugs can help you build your cybersecurity career. Our team of Cybersecurity experts ensures that you receive the best in class training in India.

The goal of ethical hacking is to protect digital assets like websites, networks, servers, operating systems, and more of an organization. A hacker who does ethical work uses his skills and knowledge to secure digital assets like web applications, networks, and servers, and to find vulnerabilities and loop holes to protect the organisation's critical data from being leaked out by hackers.

To provide you with hands-on experience using various ethical hacking tools, our ethical hacking training program is designed to offer the best training in India. We are CyberBugs, located in Nagpur, India. Nevertheless, we provide the best cybersecurity courses and ethical hacking course in Nagpur, as well as in india also.  Rather than focusing on theoretical training, we emphasize practical training. India's CyberBugs provides beginner and advanced level cybersecurity courses. CyberBugs provide ethical hacking course in nagpur and  training from beginning to advanced level. Everything will be step-by-step and practical. 

A training course from CyberBugs that teaches ethical hacking is the most popular among students across the globe. Ethical Hacking Certification. Students study black hat hacking techniques in-depth and see them demonstrated in an interactive lab course that is 100% practical. CyberBugs is located in nagpur and provide ethical hacking course in Nagpur as well as training too in India and other native countries. 

LIVE Online Training for Ethical Hacking in India

The trainers at CyberBugs are professional Ethical Hackers who work for different multinational companies. They are also members of our research and development team. Online Ethical Hacking training is provided by all trainers who are located geographically throughout the world. Classes on ethical hacking are conducted on an application where the students and faculty participate in LIVE interactions by using the internet. The course fee includes a guarantee that you will be happy or your money will be returned. We provide  ethical hacking course in nagpur as well as training also with less batch size so it is comfortable to interact with the trainers and clarify all the doubts.

A practical and relevant learning method is online training nowadays. The criminal industry is always on the lookout for innovation. New ways of attacking IT infrastructure will always be devised. The weaknesses they exploit can be exploited. You will gain a better understanding of threats & weaknesses after completing this online Ethical Hacking Course in Nagpur. By understanding hacking tools and thinking like a hacker, you will be prepared for the real world. You will gain a deep understanding of how hackers attack companies. The intellectual property of the company will be protected from hackers. With our online training, you will learn ethical hacking in a way that is completely practical. To give you logical experience, we invite guest faculty from the industry to our online Ethical Hacking Training in Nagpur.

Class Room Training on Ethical Hacking in India

With more than 170 Billion Dollar investment in the cyber security domain worldwide there is a huge demand for training in ethical hacking in India, including hands-on training in the lab with professional hackers.

Indian CyberBugs will show you how to defend your organization's intellectual property from hackers and how to detect and stop them from compromising it. During ethical hacking training, you are designed to gain as much practical knowledge as possible. You will be able to gain practical experience from guest instructors from the industry during your training at our training center

CyberBugs Ethical Hacking Course In Nagpur

Ethical hacking Course In Nagpur  and training - In order to be ethical, hackers identify potential threats to digital assets of an organization, such as websites, servers, networks, operating systems and more.In order to make the organization digitally impenetrable, organizations hire ethical hackers to penetrate into the security system and find and fix vulnerabilities. 

Find the perfect ethical hacking course in Nagpur, that fits your learning level and needs, whether you are a beginner or a certified ethical hacker. Students are trained in hacking tools and techniques in the Ethical Hacker software course. At CyberBugs, we will train you on both black and white hat techniques in our Certified Ethical Hacking Course in Nagpur, to sharpen your skills in order to better defend severe data breaches and provide better security. 


Besides network security, web security, OS and Database security, you will also learn some additional skills that will enhance your abilities as an ethical hacker such as Forensics, Compliance and many others.

Ethical Hacking Course In Nagpur Description

Hacking ethically is the act of identifying and securing digital assets of an organization, such as websites, servers, networks, operating systems, and so forth. The work of an ethical hacker involves penetrating a company's security to identify attacks and to resolve them in order to make it safe from hackers. From ethical hacking for beginners to becoming a certified ethical hacker, find the right ethical hacking courses for you. You can learn hacking software and techniques to assess security through our Ethical Hacker course.


We at CyberBugs provide the Advanced Techniques that are used by both black hats and white hats in an effort to help you to gain a better understanding of methodologies and improve security and defenses against severe data breaches as part of our Ethical Hacking Course,  As an Ethical Hacker, you will learn network security, web security, OS and Database Security besides gaining additional skills that will enhance your capabilities as a hacker, like Forensics, Compliance, and so on. 

Modules of Ethical Hacking Course in Nagpur

Module 1: Introduction To Ethical  Hacking

Module 2: Networking

Module 3: Lab-Setup

Module 4: Basic Linux Commands

Module 5: Hands On Linux OS

Module 6: CIA TRIAD & Ethical Hacking Phase

Module 7: Advance Footprinitng Method & Tools

Module 8: Advance Scanning Method & Tools

Module 9: Vulnerability Assessment

Module 10: System Hacking

Module 11: Cryptography

Module 12: Stegnography

Module 13: Password Cracking


Module 15: Sniffing & MITM Attack

Module 16: Network Monitoring

Module 17:Network & Device Security

Module 18: Proxy, VPN & TOR

Module 19: Website Hacking

Module 20: Image Forensics 

Module 21: Malware, Threats & Viruses

Module 22: Dos & DDos Attack

Module 23: Location Tracking Via SE

Module 24: IDS & Firewall

Module 25: Honeypot, IOT & Cloud

Module 26: MAC Changer

Module 27: IP Changer

Module 28: Dark Web

Module 29: CTF

Module 30:  LIVE System Hacking

Module 31: Detect Rootkit

Module 32: Install ToolKit

Module 33: Social Engineering 

Module 34: Phishing

Module 35: XSS, HTML & SQL Injection

Module 36: Hack SSH & FTP Server

Module 37: Report Writing & Documentation

Why Ethical Hacking?

In order to enter the cyber security industry, you need to learn ethical hacking from the basics. Many people aren't sure where to start and what to learn and many people will start with CISM, CCNA, CISA, CISSP, etc. 

After you have a clear understanding of ethical hacking, move on to the advance level course with cyberbugs. We provide advance ethical hacking training in Nagpur. we also provide many  cyber security courses in Nagpur such as penetration testing, web penetration testing mobile app penetration testing etc... 

Cyberbugs is a market leader in providing Ethical Hacking training in Nagpur to corporations and professionals worldwide. A group of over 34 professionals comprise our 'Programming Expert Team', with over 15 years of experience in preventing security breaches and cyberattacks, using ethical hacking practices. In addition to providing specialized instruction, we've developed unique teaching methods, which help students become knowledgeable about the mindset of cyber attackers, assess the vulnerability of their systems, and protect their information despite an ever-changing cyber security environment.

Why Ethical Hacking Is Important ?

1] Finding Organizations' Weaknesses
In ethical hacking, we find the weaknesses in an organization's security system and fix them before they become a problem.

2] Protecting Important Data
Data is protected from competitors using ethical hacking. It protects the computer from hackers gaining access to valuable data.

3] Detect And Fix Attacks Before They Happen

A ethical hacker can think like an attacker, find the likely entry points, and prevent attacks by resolving those points before an attack occurs.

4] Follow CIA Triad

Confidentiality , integrity and availability is very important . Ethical hacker should follow this when testing IT enviroment on organization


Ethica Hacking In Nagpur



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