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Web Application Penetration Testing Training in Nagpur

Through extensive lab exercises and thought-provoking lectures led by an expert instructor, WAPT training prepares students for the real world of Security Web Pen Testing. Through a high-energy seminar approach, we review everything you need to know about Web Pen testing. IT Security Professionals can be trained and prepared with the CyberBugs Bug Hunting (WAPT) program. We also provide penetration testing training in Nagpur.

Bug Bounty also known as Website App Penetration Testing. Cyberbugs provides the best penetration testing training in Nagpur. CyberBugs provides cyber security training in India as well as other native countries

Penetration Testing Training in Nagpur

Through extensive lab exercises and thought-provoking lectures led by an expert instructor, WAPT training prepares students for the real world of Security Web Pen Testing. Through a high-energy seminar approach, we review everything you need to know about Web Pen testing. IT Security Professionals can be trained and prepared with the CyberBugs Bug Hunting (WAPT) program.

Cyberbugs provide penetration testing training in Nagpur as well as we offers real-life training along with interview-oriented soft-skill training. Becoming an Penetration Tester  with cyberbugs can help you build your cybersecurity career. Our team of Cybersecurity experts ensures that you receive the best in class training in India.

Modern organizations rely heavily on web applications. In contrast, if your company does not properly test and secure its web applications, it could be vulnerable to threats, damage business functionality, and steal data. Sadly, many organizations think that a web application vulnerability scanner will provide reliable data on their systems.

Hackerone and Bugcrowd are two popular platforms for bug hunting. In this course you'll learn how to start hacking and making money at those sites. There are many companies (Twitter, Uber, Yahoo, Facebook, Dell,Snapchat etc.) that allow you to legally hack their services, and you can get paid for it. It is not unusual to make $100, $1,000, or $10,000 per bug you find.It only takes a laptop and CyberBugs will teach you how to hack websites and earn money by exploiting them

We provide penetration testing training as well as we provide penetration testing course in Nagpur.

LIVE Online Training for Web Application Penetration Testing in India

The trainers at CyberBugs are professional Penetration Tester  who work for different multinational companies. They are also members of our research and development team. Online Penetration Testing  is provided by all trainers who are located geographically throughout the world. Classes on WAPT  are conducted on an application where the students and faculty participate in LIVE interactions by using the internet. The course fee includes a guarantee that you will be happy or your money will be returned. We provide best Penetration Testing  training in nagpur with less batch size so it is comfortable to interact with the trainers and clarify all the doubts. if you are looking for penetration testing training in Nagpur. then feel free to talk to us

Class Room Training on Website Application Penetration Testing  in India

With more than 170 Billion Dollar investment in the cyber security domain worldwide there is a huge demand for training in Cyber Security  in India, including hands-on training in the lab with professional hackers.

Indian CyberBugs will show you how to defend your organization's intellectual property from hackers and how to detect and stop them from compromising it. During Penetration Testing training, you are designed to gain as much practical knowledge as possible. You will be able to gain practical experience from guest instructors from the industry during your training at our training center

CyberBugs BugBounty Training In Nagpur

Young hackers in the industry are always looking for jobs, and bug bounty hunting is one of the best jobs on offer. For some, hacking is a fun hobby, an opportunity to practice their skills. And for others, hacking truly is a lucrative full-time career. Over the bug bounty platform HackerOne, bug bounty hunters earned a record $40 million in 2020 alone.

Every day, new and enthusiastic hackers join the community, and they need good resources to help them get started. Before they can even begin to develop a practical approach, new bug bounty hunters need to understand a lot of unfamiliar terminology, topics, techniques and tools. We are fortunate to have a bug bounty community that is supportive, open to sharing knowledge, and welcoming to newcomers. As a result, you'll have an easy time finding low-cost learning materials online.

Training programs and courses are an excellent way to learn the basics of bug bounty hunting when you are just starting out. These resources were selected based on the advice of the Twitter community and our favorite hackers. As each of the courses and training can benefit different individuals with varying skill levels, the courses are not listed in any particular order.


To create a proper toolset for bug bounty hunting, once you have mastered the basics of it as well as the theoretical knowledge you’ll need, don't forget to test your skills by attempting to hack intentionally vulnerable websites for penetration testing and ethical hacking, and once you're ready, try out the best bug bounty browser extensions.

Why BugBounty Hunting

Cyberbugs provide best penetration testing training in nagpur. Online and Offline both batches was available and affordable cost.real life scenarios and 100% practical sessions.

Security professionals can evaluate the application and platform security of an organization to identify bugs or vulnerabilities by performing bug bounty hunting, a newly emerging and trending role in cybersecurity. Often highly paid for finding and reporting security bugs, bug bounty hunters are given freedom to ethically hack and pentest applications developed by the organization's in-house staff.


RedTeam Hacker Academy's Certified Bug Bounty Hunter course assists ethical hackers and penetration testers in honing their security skills aggressively. A bug hunting class equips students with unparalleled offensive security skills while showcasing proven methodologies of discovering and reporting potential software vulnerabilities. Crowdsourcing security training for gaining rewards by cracking websites and applications is demonstrated in this course.


Certified security experts and a team of leading cybersecurity specialists created RHTA's Bug Bounty Hunter program. The training includes hands-on experience in real-life scenarios and a practical implementation of traditional and modern approaches to web application penetration testing, ethical hacking, red teaming, and security assessment.

Website Application Penetration Testing Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction To WAPT or Bugbounty

Module 2: Lab-Setup

Module 3: Website Vulnerability Scanning 

Module 4: Server Security 

Module 5: Hands On Burp-Suite 

Module 6: OWASP TOP 10

Module 7: Host Header Injection

Module 8: URL Redirection

Module 9: SPF

Module 10: CSRF

Module 11: Parameter Tempering

Module 12: No Rate Limit

Module 13: Account Lockout 

Module 14: Image Meta Data

Module 15: IDOR

Module 16: Session Fixation

Module 17: Open Port Vulnerability

Module 18: XML RPC

Module 19: Dos and DDos Attack

Module 20: Identity Management

Module 21: CORS

Module 22: 2FA

Module 23: XSS Injection

Module 24: SQL Injection

Module 25: Command Injection

Module 26: Clickjacking

Module 27: Security Headers Missing

Module 28: Cookie Attributes

Module 29: Back Button Browsing

Module 30:  Session Expire In Login

Module 31: Session Hijacking

Module 32: Broken Authentication

Module 33: Improper Session Management

Module 34: RFI/LFI

Module 35: Email Verify Bypass

Module 36: Captcha Bypass

Module 37: OTP Bypass

Module 38: Apache Dos Attack

Module 39: HTTP Method

Module 40: Command Injection

Module 41: Weak Cryptography

Module 42: DNS Zone Transfer 

Module 43: Brute Forcing

Module 44: Link Manipulation

Module 45: Path Traversal

Module 46: Weak password implementation

Module 47: WAF

Module 48: LBD

Module 49: Lower Versions

Module 50: Report Writing

We covers all this pen testing course module and we also provide penetration testing training in Nagpur


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