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Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course

Through extensive lab exercises and thought-provoking lectures led by an expert instructor, Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course prepares students for the real world of Security Mobile Application Pen Testing. Through a high-energy seminar approach, we review everything you need to know about Mobile Application Pen Testing. IT Security Professionals can be trained and prepared with the CyberBugs MAPT program.

Bug Bounty also known as Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course. Cyberbugs provides the best Mobile Application Penetration testing course. CyberBugs provides Mobile Application Penetration testing course in India as well as other native countries. 

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course

Through extensive lab exercises and thought-provoking lectures led by an expert instructor, MAPT training prepares students for the real world of Security Mobile Application Pen Testing. Through a high-energy seminar approach, we review everything you need to know about Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course. IT Security Professionals can be trained and prepared with the CyberBugs MAPT program.

Cyberbugs offers real-life training along with interview-oriented soft-skill training. Becoming an Penetration Tester  with cyberbugs can help you build your cybersecurity career. Our team of Cybersecurity experts ensures that you receive the best in class training in India. We provide one among best Mobile Application Penetration Testing course.  

Modern organizations rely heavily on web applications and mobile application. In contrast, if your company does not properly test and secure its web applications and mobile applications, it could be vulnerable to threats, damage business functionality, and steal data. Sadly, many organizations think that a web application vulnerability scanner will provide reliable data on their systems.

Hackerone and Bugcrowd are two popular platforms for bug hunting. In this course, you'll learn how to start hacking and making money at those sites. There are many companies (Twitter, Uber, Yahoo, Facebook, Dell,Snapchat etc.) that allow you to legally hack their services, and you can get paid for it. It is not unusual to make $100, $1,000, or $10,000 per bug you find.It only takes a laptop and CyberBugs will teach you how to hack websites & mobile application and earn money by exploiting them

Mobile application penetration testing course for Android and iOS is the focus of this course. A mobile penetration tester can use this course to obtain sensitive data from Android and iOS applications, such as API Keys, stored secrets, and firebase databases, and continue his or her career as one. During this course, you will become familiar with common Bug Bounty hunting methodologies and practices.

Our class will teach you how to reverse engineer and analyze mobile apps, as well as how to exploit them through runtime manipulation, URL schemes, side channel leakage, and broken cryptography. Once you've completed the course, you'll know how to successfully perform a penetration test against mobile applications. Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing provides penetration testers with the knowledge needed to understand the technical threats and attack vectors targeted at mobile devices. Using a variety of techniques, this learning path explains how to identify security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS applications, including Reverse Engineering, Dynamic and Run-time Analysis, and Network Analyses, as well as preparing you for the eMAPT exam.

LIVE Online Training for Mobile Application Pentesting in India

The trainers at CyberBugs are professional Penetration Tester  who work for different multinational companies. They are also members of our research and development team. Online Penetration Testing  is provided by all trainers who are located geographically throughout the world. Classes on MAPT  are conducted on an application where the students and faculty participate in LIVE interactions by using the internet. The course fee includes a guarantee that you will be happy or your money will be returned. We provide best Mobile Application Penetration Testing course and training in nagpur with less batch size so it is comfortable to interact with the trainers and clarify all the doubts.

Class Room Training on Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course 

With more than 170 Billion Dollar investment in the cyber security domain worldwide there is a huge demand for training in Cyber Security  in India, including hands-on training in the lab with professional hackers.

Indian CyberBugs will show you how to defend your organization's intellectual property from hackers and how to detect and stop them from compromising it. During Penetration Testing training, you are designed to gain as much practical knowledge as possible. You will be able to gain practical experience from guest instructors from the industry during your training at our training center

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course Overview


Penetration testing for Android and iOS mobile apps is the focus of this course.This course will teach students how to extract sensitive data from Android and iOS applications, including API keys, secret keys, and firebase databases, and provide a solid foundation for continuing a career as a Mobile Application Penetration Tester. The purpose of this course is to teach you the common methodologies and practices you can use to begin Bug Bounty hunting mobile apps.

This course will teach you how to identify the security strengths and weaknesses of Apple iOS and Android devices. Often displacing conventional computers for everyday enterprise data needs, mobile devices are not just convenience tools - they are essential tools carried or worn by users around the world. Across the globe, you will see this trend in corporations, hospitals, banks, schools, and retail stores.

Mobile device vulnerability and threat identification are valuable skills, but they must be paired with the ability to communicate the resulting risks. You will review ways to effectively communicate threats to key stakeholders throughout this courseThis course will teach you how to assess an application and understand all the risks so you can describe threats to managers and decision-makers using industry standards like the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS).sIdentify sample code and libraries that developers can use for in-house applications to address risks.s.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction To MAPT or Bugbounty

Module 2: Lab-Setup

Module 3: Mobile Vulnerability Scanning 

Module 4: Mobexeler

Module 5: Xposed Framework

Module 6: SSL Pinning Bypass

Module 7: Reverse Engineering

Module 8: OWASP top 10 

Module 9: Vulnerability Testing on Diva

Module 10: Insecure Login Vulnerability

Module 11: Insecure Data Storage

Module 12: Database Insecure Storage

Module 13: Temporary File Insecure Data Storage

Module 14: Hardcoding Vulnerability

Module 15: IDOR

Module 16: Input Validation Issues Specially SQL And XSS

Module 17: Input Validation Issue  Abusing Web

Module 18: Analyze Dex File

Module 19: External Data Storage

Module 20: Access Control Issue

Module 21: Authentication Base Access Control

Module 22: Leaking Control Provide

Module 23: Dos Attack Using Memory Corruption

Module 24: Weak Pass

Module 25: OTP Bypass

Module 26: Identity Management

Module 27: No Rate Limiting

Module 28: Account Lockout

Module 29: Broken Authentication

Module 30: Hands On Mobsf 

Module 31: Network Security Config File

Module 32: Code Obfuscating Checking

Module 33: Clear Text Traffic is Enabled for Application

Module 34: Service Not-Protected in Application

Module 35: Broadcast Receiver is Found

Module 36: Broadcast Receiver Protection-level

Module 37: Activity is Not-Protected

Module 38: Improper Neutralization cause SQL Injection

Module 39: Information disclosure

Module 40: Oracle attack

Module 41: JavaScript enabled in Web-view XSS injection possible

Module 42: Minimum Device Security Requirements Absent 

Module 43: Parameter Tempering

Module 44: Screenshots in Background Application

Module 45: Lower Nginx Version Implemented

Module 46: Log Generate User Credentials

Module 47: Insufficient Cryptography

Module 48: Insecure Data Storage (Shared_Pref)

Module 49: Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

Module 50: No Captcha

Module 51: Root Detection and Bypass

Module 52: Android Pasteboard vulnerability

Module 53: Application Debuggable

Module 54: Insecure SDCard Storage

Module 55: Parameter Manipulation

Module 56: Brute Force

Module 57: Check android:allowBackup

Module 58: Identify Sensitive Data on Shared Storage, SD Card Storage Encryption, Shared Preferences MODE_WORLD_READABL

Module 59: Check SSL

Module 60: Unwanted Permission

Module 61: Report Writing

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ONLINE AND OFFLINE BATCH BOTH ARE AVAILABLE FOR Mobile Application Penetration Testing Course. 

How To Perform Mobile Application Penetration Testing In Professional Way

Mobile Application Penetration Testing  should perform in 2 ways which is SAST (Static Analysis Security Testing) And DAST

(Dynamic Analysis Security Testing)  these are two various we use to perform Mobile Application Penetration Testing.

Now Using this 2 Ways we have proper 3 Step Test:

1] Device End Mobile Application Security Test.

2] Code - End Mobile Application Security Test.

3] API End Mobile Application Security Test.

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