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How To Start a Cybersecurity Career?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

how to start a cyber security career
Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Definition:


Cybersecurity is a practice of protecting the systems, networks, and other environments from digital attacks.

In this post we are going to learn about how to start a cyber security career?

nowadays cybercrime is increasing day by day. cyberattackers attacks websites, mobile application, networks, the cloud, and so on. many of the companies, financial sector, government organizations are looking forward to protecting their data from cybercriminals, cybercriminals are black hat hacker who accesses environments in an unauthorized way such as website, network, mobile application. etc. And perform illegal activities

and these types of attacks can handle by cybersecurity experts who had knowledge of penetration testing, security tester, security analyst, threat hunting, endpoint security, a security architecture expert, and other professionals to prevent the cyberattacks

Organizations hire cybersecurity professionals and secure their environments there are phases and planning to perform the cybersecurity auditing. so that how to start a cyber security career.

Cyber Security Demand:


Cyber Security Demand:

cybersecurity demand is increasing every year if you see the global cybersecurity market size from 2019 the graph is growing up and many companies are hiring the cybersecurity experts

Fastest Growing Industry Hiring For Cyber Security Professionals













JP Morgan Chase



Wells Fargo



Grant Thornton






Cyber Security Demand

cybersecurity project growth 2012-2022 is around 37% and normal computer job is 18% only after many years this will be increasing the new technologies that come with new vulnerabilities so the company needs cybersecurity professionals to fix bugs and secure the platform. A cybersecurity career is very demanding now and more demanding in the future. if you want to become a cybersecurity expert and wants cybersecurity training such as mobile application penetration testing training, website penetration testing training, network monitoring, and penetration testing training, Ethical hacking training, and so on. so thats how to start a cyber security career.

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On the other hand, some industries are feeling the urgent need for certified and experienced cyber security professionals. Those industries are:-

Financial services





Skills Required To Become a Cyber Security Expert:


Skills Required To Become a Cyber Security Expert:

Skillset is very important anyone can buy a free cybersecurity certificate but the certificate is just a single paper skills and experience matter every time

Following top skills to become a cyber security expert:

1] Good Understanding Of Networking

2] All Over Penetration Testing

3] Problem Solving Strategies

4] Computer Forensics Skills

5] Understanding Of Ethical Hacking

6] Cloud Security

7] Kubernetes Cluster Security

8] Strong Communication Skills

9] Programming Languages (Python,MySQL,PHP,java,bash,ruby,C++.etc)

10] Basic Hardware Knowledge

11] Be Friendly To Linux Environment

12] Do not Stop Research and Development

Cybersecurity Training:


Cybersecurity Training

Cyberbugs provide cybersecurity training online as well as offline. Cyberbugs provides one of the best cybersecurity training in Nagpur as well as other native cities and country. And that is the reason that how to start a cyber security career.

Program We Covered :


Cybersecurity Careers:


Cybersecurity Careers

Cybersecurity is a very huge field as deep as oceans you need to learn upgrade your skills and do research and development. Note that cybersecurity job titles may vary from company to company.

1] Penetration Tester

2] Security Analyst

3] Network Security Engineer

4] Security Architect

5] Malware and Forensic Analyst

6] Cryptographer and Crackers

7] Cybersecurity Trainer

8] Cybersecurity Engineer

-By Abhishek Joshi CyberBugs

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