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Cyber Security

Company In Nagpur


Cyberbugs is a leading cyber security company in Nagpur that offers cyber security services and cyber security training 

Cyberbugs provide VAPT Services , Security Services &  cyber securityTraining and ethical hacking training

Cyberbugs Cyber Security Company in Nagpur and programme

Affordable Price

Cyberbugs is a cyber security company in Nagpur. Providing cybersecurity training and cybersecurity services  at affordable prices, CyberBugs offers the best offerings

Cybersecurity Services 

Organizations are subjected to numerous cyberattacks by cybercriminals  programme. We are a cyber security company in Nagpur &  offers cybersecurity services and we will protect every environment, such as websites, networks, systems, servers, cloud and mobile applications. Cyberbugs offers its services to customers in Nagpur, India, as well as in other countries 

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity awareness and cybersecurity training is important today to protect organizations from cyber criminals. We are a cyber security company in Nagpur, and provide live and practical cybersecurity training. and we record each and every session for future use. India and other native countries are also offered cybersecurity training by Cyberbugs. 


Professional cybersecurity experts are on our team. They are highly experienced and trained in this field

Cyberbugs provide VAPT Services , Security Services &  cyber securityTraining and ethical hacking training


Cyberbugs is a cyber security company in Nagpur,  is formed to provide cybersecurity services and cyber security training. Our main aim is to secure each and every environment from hackers/criminals. We also provide awareness to users for using the technology safely and securely, to defend themselves from cybercriminals

CyberBugs can perform cybersecurity auditing to secure your platform and also give you the best cybersecurity training as well as cooperative training.

CyberBugs is a leading IT services, training and cyber security company in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. We provide services and training in India as well as other native countries . 

Improve your Security Posture WIth CyberBugs

Technological advancements are continuing to develop, from the rise of IoT to the adoption of SaaS over traditional in-house software. The threat landscape is changing along with technology. While many organizations rely on IT, information security, procurement, and risk specialists for guidance and direction, many adapt their technology without any help.

Enhance your cybersecurity posture with the help of Cyberbugs we are a cyber security company in Nagpur, providing 24-hour network monitoring and security, penetration testing, cyber security consulting, and creating cyber security policies. 

Our Aim:

  • Secure Organization From Cyber Criminals

  • Gives 24x7 Security Services Support

  • Gives Best Cyber Security Training

  • Provide Enterprise-wide Risk Reduction Through Cost-effective Technology

  • Gives Affordable Price Cyber Security Training And Services

CyberBugs Cyber Security Training And Certifications

Cyberbugs is a cyber security company in Nagpur, offers the best cyber security training in Nagpur, India. We have a team of expert ethical hackers or cyber security experts who teach live hacking scenarios online and offline.


We provide advanced ethical hacking in Nagpur 100% practical sessions with certification. If you want to learn ethical contact us for more information.

Cyber Security Programme:
1] Advance Ethical Hacking

2] Web Application Penetration Testing

3] Mobile Application Penetration Testing

4] API Penetration Testing

5] Penetration Testing
6] Network, Server and System Penetration Testing

Through our cyber security training in Nagpur, you can get better jobs at many MNC companies and other organizations. 



Cyberbugs provide VAPT Services , Security Services &  cyber securityTraining and ethical hacking training

Penetration Testing


Our penetration testing team can detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities on your network or computer system before an attacker can access your data. We will identify weaknesses in your network or applications and work with you to solve them. CyberBugs test each and every environment and secure from cyber attackers.

Cyberbugs provide VAPT Services , Security Services &  cyber securityTraining and ethical hacking training

Cyber Security Consulting

We provide Cyber Security Consulting to all sizes of businesses with years of experience working on projects for some of the world's largest corporations. Get expert assistance to support your projects or to implement technical controls as needed.

cyberbugs provide cyber security policies

Create Security Policies

Providing a cybersecurity policy, CyberBugs audits your security practices and identifies security weaknesses. Companies today are focusing more attention on security, including their IT departments. A cyberattack or data breach can be expensive. Cyberbugs provide comprehensive cybersecurity policies report and fix all the security issues. Security policies should concern each employee of an organization, not just IT professionals.

cyberbugs provide network security and monitoring

Network Security And Monitoring

A 24-hour Cyber Security Operations Center provides you security and threat information to identify attacks against critical assets before they lead to a data breach. You can keep a record of everything in real-time, with continuous log storage and retention built right in. Cyberbugs also settup the network monitoring machine at your organization and secure your network/

CyberBugs Follows The CIA Triad

CyberBugs is a leading cyber security company in Nagpur. As part of our full security audits, we carry out vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, create security policies and follow the CIA triad.


It is very important for every organization to understand the CIA triad.


CIA Follows:

1]  Confidentiality: Confidentiality refers to an organization's efforts to keep data private or confidential. The first step is to ensure that access to information is controlled so that information is not shared unauthorized—whether intentionally or accidentally. Keeping confidential information secure requires that people without proper authorization are prohibited from accessing assets that are important to your business.



2] Integrity: Integrity refers to making sure that your data is trustworthy and free from tampering. Only authentic, accurate, and reliable data can maintain your data's integrity. 



3] Availability:  Data cannot be used unless it is accessible to members of the organization and to customers. Even if data is kept confidential and its integrity is preserved, it is often useless unless it is accessible to those within the organization and to the customers. As a result, systems, networks, and applications must function properly and on time. Additionally, individuals who have access to specific information must be able to consume it when they need it, and gaining access to the data shouldn't take an excessive amount of time.

Cyberbugs is a best cyber security company in Nagpur, if you are looking for cyber security company in Nagpur, then we are here to help you Talk to us for more. 

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