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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

As part of the hacking or penetration testing phase, the second phase is information gathering, and it is critical to understand the target

We are going to discuss the BEST INFORMATION GATHERING TOOLS in this blog.

Let,s begin with the best information gathering tools.

Information Gathering Tools:


1] whois:

whois is used to gather the information about website they gather contacts, mails, IP address, and so on this tool is very useful to gather the information.

This tool is very useful to gather information about technologies used in website and know about there OS.

ip2location is useful tool to gather information about IP address

This is an excellent tool to scan malicious websites, or any type of file. They detect the malicious code and secure our platform, as well as gathering information about the file.

It is used to gather the data of previously created websites. For example, the Google website data and UI are different between 2000 and 2022. So you can see both and gather more information.

Hunting for email addresses is a great tool for gathering mail

7] mxtoolbox :

Mxtoolbox is used to gather information about DNS, MX, and so on

checks DNS information about the target

Shodan is the first search engine for internet-connected devices that allows you to search any website or any corporation whether the IP address is disclosed publicly or not. Sometimes the public IP provides you with username and password.

10] ping

By using ping you can determine whether a target is communicable with your system or not, or find out if the target has IPv4 or IPv6

11] whatweb

whatweb is Linux tool which in inbuilt tool this tool is used for gather website technologies and banner

12] Harvester

harvester can gather many information such as IP,URLs,Mail,Number,Social media accounts and so on

13] Recon-ng

recon-ng can gather many information such as IP,URLs,Mail,Number,Social media accounts and so on


Redhack is usefull gather whois info,dns info, subdomain scanner, port scanner, sql scanner, and so on

Using these tools, you can gather the useful information because they are very useful and powerful. Check out more blogs for more information.

So, this was some best information gathering tools if you tried this tools before then tell us in the comment section.

by Abhishek Joshi


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