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Updated: Feb 18, 2022


So, in this post we are going to learn about what is nmap used for?

Network security is very important if hackers access your network so they can do many many malicious activities such as sniffing,session hijacking,also hack your computer systems which are connected to the network and also perform DOS attacks.

An open-source vulnerability scanner, Nmap is a free, free tool for scanning networks and finding vulnerabilities. A network administrator uses Nmap to identify what devices are running on their systems, find out what services are available from each host and identify open ports.

The Nmap tool can monitor both single hosts as well as large networks that contain hundreds of thousands of devices and tens of thousands of subnets.

Pentesters and ethical hackers use Nmap to scan networks and identify weaknesses. It also supports a wide variety of scripts that can be run to scan for vulnerability, brute force attacks, DoS attacks, http scanning, and so on.

Nmap scans each and every port, for example, firewall, is listening for responses and determining whether ports are open, closed or filtered. Port enumeration and discovery are other terms for port scanning.

There is a command line interface tool called Nmap that has a graphics interface tool called Zenmap. Zenmap is much faster than Nmap and output is the same as CLI, but with GUI you can choose which options to scan by clicking on them instead of typing commands.

Why Use NMAP?

A network can be mapped quickly and easily using Nmap without the need for complicated commands. Through the Nmap scripting engine, it also supports simple commands (for example, to check if a host is up).

Features of Nmap:

  • Identify and track all devices across multiple networks, including servers, routers, switches, mobile devices, etc.

  • New NSE functionality and faster network scanning in Nmap

  • Better ipv6 support and ssl/tls scanning (you can also use sslscan tool)

  • An audit conducted by identifying the network connections that can be made to or through a device or firewall in order to evaluate its security

  • In addition to finding information about operating systems, Nmap can find information about the device itself. Penetration tests are easier to plan when detailed information such as the OS version is available.

  • Network inventory, network mapping, asset management, and maintenance.

For using NMAP, you need to learn NMAP commands.

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By Abhishek Joshi


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