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What is DoS and DDoS attack and how to prevent them?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

What is DoS and DDoS attack and how to prevent them?

So, in this post we are going to learn about What is DoS and DDoS attack and how to prevent them.

Definition Of Dos Attack

By definition, a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is an attempt to bring down a computer or network, preventing its intended users from using it. In DoS attacks, traffic is flooded into the target's system, causing the system to crash. As a result of the DoS attack, legitimate users (i.e. employees, members, or account holders) are deprived of services and resources. so this is the basic information about What is DoS and DDoS attack and how to prevent them.

DoS attacks disrupt the normal functioning of a computer or other device in an attempt to render it unavailable to the intended users. A DoS attack usually works by overwhelming or flooding a machine with requests until no traffic can be processed, causing the system to deprive additional users of service. One of the characteristics of a DoS attack is that it is launched by just one computer.

For Example: Client and server


sends 5lkh user traffic Server have only 1lkh user traffic capacity

If a client sends a 5 lakh user traffic to the server, the server cannot handle the traffic and slow down or crash. An another example of this is when exam results are displayed and students check the website for results, and the website is very slow because the maximum limit has been reached on the server.

A dos attack is very dangerous. Organizations may be aware of this issue and fix it as soon as possible. Cyberbugs can also prevent a dos attack and ensure your platform is secure.

i, hope its clear now about What is DoS and DDoS attack and how to prevent them. lets move to the next part.

Ddos Attack

By overloading a service with traffic from multiple sources, a Distributed Denial of Service attack attempts to render the service inaccessible.A number of important resources are targeted by these attacks, such as banks and news websites, and they pose a challenge to ensuring the free flow of information.

Defeat that threat by overloading the targeted server, service or network with a flood of Internet traffic. Distributed denial-of-service attacks work by disrupting the normal traffic of a targeted server, network, or service.

As a means of obtaining effective attack traffic, DDoS attacks exploit a multitude of compromised computer systems. Compromised systems can include computer servers and other networked resources such as IoT devices. DDoS attacks operate like unexpected traffic jams that clog roads and prevent regular traffic from passing through them.

Buffer overflow attacks – It includes all the attacks listed below as well as the ones designed to exploit bugs specific to specific applications or networks. The concept is to send more traffic to a system than it can handle.

ICMP flood – Using misconfigured network devices, the attacker sends spoofed packets that ping all the devices on a network, rather than just one. The network then enlarges traffic on the network. Also known as 'smurf attack' or the "ping of death," this attack leverages misconfigured network devices to amplify traffic.

SYN flood – An attempt to connect to a server is sent, but the handshake is never completed. This continues until all open ports have been saturated and no one can connect.

I hope its clear now about What is DoS and DDoS attack and how to prevent them. if this like this article then must share it with your friends.

By Abhishek Johsi


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