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What is bug bounty hunter, & How Much Do Bug Bounty Hunters Make

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

What is bug bounty hunter

In this post, we are going to know about What is bug bounty hunter.

What is Bug Bounty Hunters? There are plenty of websites, organizations, and software developers offering bug bounty programs that rewards individuals for reporting security exploits and vulnerabilities.

As a result of these programs, developers are able to discover and fix bugs before they are publicized, reducing the likelihood of widespread abuse. There are a number of bug bounty programs run by organizations, including Mozilla, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Reddit, Square, Microsoft, and the Internet bug bounty programs. so this is exactly called What is bug bounty hunter.

Many companies outside of the technology industry, including traditionally conservative organizations like the United States Department of Defense, have now started to use bug bounty programs. This is part of a shift in posture that has seen the US Government reverse course from threatening white hat hackers with legal action to involving them in vulnerability disclosures. In bug bounty programs, independent security researchers report bugs to an organization and are rewarded or compensated. Normally, these bugs are exploits or vulnerabilities in the security system, though they can also be issues with processes, hardware, and so on.

An independent third party run program (such as Bugcrowd or HackerOne) typically receives the reports. The organization will set up (and administer) a program that meets its needs.

There are different types of programs: private (invite-only), where reports are kept private to an organization, or public (anyone is welcome to join). These can last for a set period of time, or they can continue indefinitely (i.e. with no end date). An ethical hacker is rewarded with a bounty when they identify and report a bug or security vulnerability. Through bug bounty programs, organizations can continuosly increase their systems' security posture over time by utilizing the hacker community. Hackers around the world hunt for bugs and, in some cases, earn a full-time incomes doing so. Businesses that participate in bug bounty programs benefit from the wide variety of hackers with varying skill sets and expertise, compared to tests using less experienced security teams to identify vulnerabilities. In addition to regular penetration tests, bug bounty programs provide organisations with the means to test their applications security throughout their development life cycle.

I hope you are getting this points of What is bug bounty hunter. now lets move to the next part that How Much Do Bug Bounty Hunters Make.

How you can earn an income from Cyber Security!

An organization should implement a vulnerability disclosure program first. The organization can use this to contact researchers regarding security vulnerabilities, regardless of whether they pay the researcher.

It is beneficial to identify a point of contact who will filter security requests to the security team instead of a communications department, which may not know how to handle the situation. By doing so, researchers can also be encouraged to report vulnerabilities. A framework is typically included for dealing with intake, mitigation, and any remediation.

As another option, organizations can engage a penetration testing firm to conduct a time-limited test of a specific system or application. At the end of the pen test, the pen testers will produce a report based on a curated, targeted target.

This way, the company gets highly skilled, trusted hackers at a known price. You can also request any specialized expertise you need, and have the test conducted privately as opposed to publicly. so, this is all about what is bug bounty hunter.

Now, the main question arises into our minds is From where should we start to learn Penetration Testing? You can start learning about ethical hacking from a list of online platforms, i.e. Portswigger, Bugcrowd, Hackerone and more. Platforms like bugcrowd, hackerone, synack, cobalt, yeswehack and so on... provides programs for bug bounties. These programs are safe to hack and also provide massive amounts in bounties to you if you are a skilled penetration tester. And find a vulnerability into the given targets. Anyone and everyone can start doing bug bounties and make it as a passive source of income. -By Rahul Siraskar

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