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What is Cryptography and Types of Cryptography?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

In this post we are going to learn about What is Cryptography in Cyber Security And it's Types.

Definition Of Cryptography

A cryptographic system is used to secure information and communication by encoding them so that only those intended for the information can decode it and utilize it. The information is therefore protected from unauthorized access. 'Cryptography' means "hidden writing." and 'crypt' means "hidden". so, that's what exactly we are going to learn What is Cryptography in Cyber Security And it's Types,

Information and communications can be protected through cryptography by using codes, so only the recipients can read and process them. Computing cryptography is the practice of converting messages in a way that is hard to decode, using mathematical algorithms and mathematical concepts. For example, these deterministic algorithms have been used to generate cryptographic keys, to digitally sign documents, and to protect data privacy online in web browsing and email correspondence.


Facebook saves the user credentials encrypted so anyone cannot know the user credentials easily

Plain Text: cyberbugs

Encrypted Method: 38c351fdce33aa51cc9344adc576a61e

You can see the plain text is human readable attacker can read information easily and in an encrypted method you can see it will be very difficult to identify the information.

Weak encryption is extremely dangerous. The attacker can easily decrypt and gain the information if he knows the hash algorithm and type. Always use strong encryption

As a way to convert plain text into unintelligible text, cryptography is used. This is a technique for storing and transmitting data in a particular form, so that it can only be read and processed by those who are supposed to. Authentication can also be done using cryptography, preventing theft and alteration of data.

Weak encryption

Weak encryption is extremely dangerous. An attacker can easily decrypt the encryption and gain sensitive information. The below-listed hash algorithm is weak encryption.

1] MD4

2] MD5

3] MD2

4] Hexadecimal

5] Base64

6] RIPEMD-160

7] SHA-1

8] RC4

Hash Algorith

There are many hash algorithms used when doing encryption and decryption such as MD5,SHA,Base64,AES,RSA, and so on

When doing encryption and decryption, the hash algorithm is very important to encrypt data in a particular algorithm.

Types of Cryptography

In general there are three types Of cryptography:

Symmetric Key Cryptography:

Encryption systems like this encrypt and decrypt messages by using a single key shared by the sender and receiver. Despite being faster and simpler than symmetric key systems, symmetric key systems pose the challenge that sender and receiver have to securely exchange keys. The Data Encryption System (DES) is the most popular symmetric key cryptography system.

Cryptographic algorithms that use symmetric keys create a fixed length of bits referred to as a block cipher whose secret key is used by both the creator and receiver to encode and decrypt information. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an example of symmetric-key cryptography.

Hash Functions:

This algorithm does not utilize any keys. In order to prevent the recovery of plain text content, a fixed length hash value is calculated as per plain text. A hash function is commonly used to encrypt passwords in most operating systems.

Asymmetric Key Cryptography:

In this system, information is encrypted and decrypted using a pair of keys. Encryption is performed using a public key, whereas decryption is performed using a private key. A public key and a private key are two different things. A receiver can only decode a public key he only knows because he has access to the private key.

The RSA algorithm for example, which is widely used on the Internet, uses a pair of keys, a public key associated with the sender for encrypting messages and a private key that is known only to the originator for decrypting messages. Public key cryptography is similar to asymmetric key encryption, and it uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Cryptography focuses on four different objectives:

Confidentiality: Only the intended recipient can decrypt and read a message encrypted with confidentiality.

Non-repudiation: This refers to the fact that a party who sends a message cannot go back and explain its origin.

Integrity: Integrity refers to the ability to ensure that the content of a message cannot be altered while the message is stored or transported.

Authenticity: This ensures that both sender and recipient can verify the message's destination and their identities.

encryption is very important to secure communication and secure information from hacker but not the one thing use only strong encryption i suggest to apply symmetric or asymmetric encryption.

I hope its clear now about What is Cryptography in Cyber Security And it's Types. if you got it then must share it with your friends.

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By Abhishek Joshi


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