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What is CISSP? and CISSP Domains list.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

CISSP domains list

In this post we are going to learn about CISSP domains list as well as what is CISSP?

What is CISSP ?

What is CISSP? It's a International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC), also known as (ISC)2, created the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) program to recognize individuals who possess expert knowledge in information security.The CISSP credential is a globally recognized, vendor-neutral designation demonstrating IT security professionals' technical proficiency and practical experience implementing and managing security programs.

Obtaining this internationally recognized certification indicates to employers that job candidates are capable of designing, implementing, and managing an organization's cybersecurity effectively. ISC2's primary objective is to develop & maintain the CISSP Domains list, and to conduct certification exams for professionals around the world. ISC2 is a non-profit organization.As an alternative, candidates without the required work experience can pass the Associate of (ISC)2 exam and eventually earn the full CISSP certification with the required six years of work experience. so this is the solution of what is CISSP?

Advanced CISSP certifications

Advanced CISSP certifications are offered in three different specializations. Candidates must have worked for at least two years in one relevant field as a CISSP in good standing to be eligible to take advanced certs.

CISSP Architecture (CISSP-ISSAP)

Candidates should be able to demonstrate their ability to design comprehensive security programs and give management risk-based advice on how they can achieve organizational objectives.


In addition to creating and governing an organization's information security programs, a successful candidate must demonstrate they excel in that area.


Security must be incorporated in all areas of business operations by a candidate who will demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills.

CISSP certification benefits

Networking Opportunities.

Discounts on (ISC)2 Education.

Recognition: (ISC)2 Global Awards Program.

Info-Security Professional Magazine.

Discounted and Free Events.

What are the 8 CISSP domains?

Security and Risk Management

Asset Security

Security Architecture and Engineering

Communications and Network Security

Identity and Access Management

Security Assessment and Testing

Security Operations

Software Development Security

To qualify for this certification, an applicant must have a minimum of five years experience in at least two or more of the CISSP domains. CISSP domains list are based on the International Standards and CISSP security domains provide insight into the International Security standards ,followed by cybersecurity professionals globally.

1) Security and Risk Management

A CISSP domains list and certification's top domain has a percentage of marks (15%) that is among the highest in the certification.

-Concepts of integrity, confidentiality, and availability

-The confidentiality, integrity and availability of information

-Legal and regulatory issues relating to information security

-Evaluation of compliance requirements

-Integration of professional ethics

-Risk-based management concepts

-Conduct security awareness, training, and educational programs

2) Asset Security

Information and requirements related to the security of assets within an organization are outlined in this domain.

-Identifying assets, classifying them, and determining their ownership

-Protecting privacy

-Assets retention

-Establishing data security controls


3) Security Architecture and Engineering

-Engineering processes using secure design principles;

-Fundamental concepts of security models;

-Security capabilities of information systems;

-Assessing and mitigating vulnerabilities in systems;

-Cryptography; and

-Designing and implementing physical security.

4) Communications and Network Security

Organizational security architecture encompasses a wide range of design principles, models, and capability assessments.

-Secure design principles for network architecture;

-Secure network components; and

-Secure communication channels.

5) Identity and Access Management

An organization's accessibility features are covered in this domain section.

-Controlling physical and logical access to the assets

-Controlling and manage authentication and identification of devices, people, and services

-Integrating identity as a service and third-party identity services

-Authorisation mechanisms

-dentity and access lifecycle

6) Security Assessment and Testing

Information System auditing is discussed in this section along with performance analysis, testing, and system design.

-Building internal, external and third-party audit strategies

-Assessing security control testing

-Collecting security process data

-Analyzing test outputs and generating a report

-Conducting audits of security

7) Security Operations

Investigating, monitoring, and protecting techniques for protection can be found in this domain.

-Understanding and supporting investigations

-Requirements for investigation types

-Logging and monitoring activities

-Concepts for foundational security operations

-Understanding resource protection techniques

-Incident management

-Implementing and Testing disaster recovery plans

-Disaster recovery

-Managing physical security and safety

8) Software Development Security

This domain provides concepts, applications, and implementations for software security.

-Security in the software development life cycle

-Security controls in development environments

-The effectiveness of software security

-Secure coding guidelines and standards

I hope now its clear everything about CISSP And CISSP domains list. if you got this every points then must share this blog with needy one.

By Bobby Tiwari


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